Dear Prospective Host,

Picture what it would be like adding up to 20% to your income in the next year ... while spending the same (or even less) on housing?

With more cash coming in each month... you'd build confidence in building a business ... you'd be appreciated for keeping a memorable home in the family... you'd finally be able to travel more and spend those hard earned vacation days with family.

So answer this... are you ready to put most families largest expenses to work putting cash in your pocket? Are you ready to create a home that actually pays for itself and then some? Then end the long hours at the office, dreaming of financial freedom by putting industry data, and my self-tested methods to work.

I'm confident enough that I can help you that I'll even guarantee results - if we don't reach the goals we set out to accomplish you stop paying until we do!

No other agency is offering to help guide you through the sea of possibilities like I do! In fact, if you look you'll only find a collection of website blogs, masterclasses and "turn-key" property management companies.


By tailoring property research and planning to your unique hosting style

Most property management companies have it wrong! They treat home owners like a typical commercial real estate investor that wants to add totally passive income. I am here for the do-it-yourselfers that are ready to share a bright beautiful space but crave more freedom to pick the tasks he or she want to spend valuable time on. Below are the services that I believe will take you from 'just interested' to SuperHost in 6 months or less.


Here's what to expect. First, I'll review the industry data for a neighborhood your considering, stalk the high performing listings, analyse your hosting style and your goals with you. Then, based on your unique scenario, we'll curate a personalized rental plan specially for you ... free.

Everything we cover is specifically tailored to your hosting aspirations as we learn about your business aspirations, the market you'd host in and your lifestyle for the next 12 months. There's no charge for this and there is no catch.

I do this because most people who work with me are so impressed and happy, they ask to become a client.

Note, this is not a sales call. I usually charge $500 for this type of all-inclusive analysis and planning. You'll be speaking directly with me to build a hosting blueprint that can change your life in the next year. There's no obligation for you to take on any services.


With the 4 powerful strategies outlined within this report, I've generated over $75 Thousand per property each year. Download it now before this page comes down!

Why BnFree?

I've come to understand that life has so much to offer and rarely do we find the methods to truly take advantage of the time we have. I'll do whatever it takes to help you unearth the freedom to find and pursue what gives you life meaning. That's why I don't offer full service property management. If you're not able to be involved in running a well oiled operation, then you miss out on the feeling of security and self worth that naturally follows suit. I dedicate the energy to really understand your unique hosting style. I examine every angle and gather details -

usually informed by your goals, lifestyle and listing location - to curate a hosting experience travelers will love. Then I'll work with you to build a sleek operation that'll have travelers, friends and family dying to stay in your space! But that's not all. I'll also make sure you get the opportunity to design a system that delivers personal flexibility and generates top 25th percentile revenue. This way you can spend less time working on the mundane. In other words, less guessing, less stress, and more time enjoying life and time with family.


WARNING: Before taking advantage of your free session you must understand that this isn't for everyone. This is only for people serious about gaining freedom with long term Airbnb success and are willing to invest in that future.

I'll do the heavy lifting, but to get cash flooding in the doors I need your commitment and dedication. If your not quite ready for that please use the time on something else you love!

But if you are ready to buckle up and add 20% to your income book your FREE blueprint session call now.

Recommend you book quickly! I'm hand picking clients to work with and the list is almost full. Not to mention, I wont be able to sustain giving these sessions away for free forever. Get in now before this offer is gone.